If you’re a business where a competent and efficient software development organisation is of vital importance, or you’re a highly skilled web developer looking for a long term career opportunity in which to flourish, then you’re in the right place. Our symbiotic business model supports the needs of both.

We provide highly competent, personable, web developers, mobile app developers, graphic designers and system administrators for businesses with an internet based go-to-market strategy. Businesses we work with have seen a need to extend their development organisations with skilled and driven individuals to fully support their visions. We find the right people at the right time to collaborate effectively with existing staff.

As a result, our partnerships tends to be long term rather than project based. Our customers and their dedicated nearshore development teams grow together, face challenges together and deliver great results together.

  • Business Analysis

    We can provide overall strategic direction of the project, help to specify objectives, suggest technologies, develop plans as well as allocating resources to deliver against the plan

  • Nearshore Development Team

    We extend your development organisation with the dedicated IT professionals you need in a long-term partnership

  • Project Management

    Having a nearshore development team with us, we provide you with project management services facilitating a close collaboration

  • Web Design

    If you have a need for graphic design or UI expertise, one of our professional web designers can help on a project basis

  • On-site Services

    We can facilitate an on-site presence for the developers, either initially or on a recurring basis

  • Intra-EU Recruiting Services

    Our professional HR department has access to IT professionals in the whole of Eastern Europe who wish to relocate to Northern Europe


As competition increases and businesses need to find new ways to gain advantage, one way to do this is to find a highly competent and efficient software development team who will work closely and collaboratively with you to achieve great results.
With our customers in mind, we source our talent from Bulgaria where there is good access to highly competent IT professionals. Bulgaria ranks third in the world in terms of number of certified IT professionals per capita. As a member of the European Union since 2007, it also has an attractive geographical location with a time difference of +/- 2 hours within Europe.

Some of the largest multinational technology companies such as HP, IBM, CSC, SAP, Siemens, Cisco and VMware have all established large branches in Bulgaria.