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At Comstream, you are an important piece of the puzzle. We believe that great solutions are most efficiently achieved when evolved through close collaboration and dynamic development processes. In our Scandinavian-inspired business culture interaction and teamwork are essential. Whether you are based in one of our two technical offices in Bulgaria (Sofia and Varna), Sweden or somewhere else in Europe, we want you to be deeply engaged in every step of the working process to make your voice heard.




We strive towards providing great work surroundings, infused by deeply set ethical values, where our colleagues thrive and respect each other. We acquire interesting projects from business-leading companies in an international environment. By operating in compact teams with new technologies and skilled co-workers, there are also endless possibilities for further developing your own expertise.

We trust you will feel right at home in our top modern office space and also give you access to several benefits, one being social gatherings such as corporate Friday lunches. Another example of an appreciated perk is our inspiring team buildings. In addition, employee funds invested in securities with monthly deposits are also provided.


Scandinavian Business Culture

Scandinavia presents an attractive and rewarding work environment and is reflected everywhere we are located. Labour and employment protection frameworks are fundamental and there is a culture of constructive co-operation and dialogue between employers and employees.

The Scandinavian workplace culture is based on a mix of teamwork and individual responsibility. A strict hierarchy is absent, and each role in the group is viewed as equally important. Consensus is generally central to decision-making, and there will usually be several meetings or discussions held before a group-wide agreement on major decisions, creating a short chain of command. This kind of structure relies on each team member showing mutual respect and responsibility for their individual tasks.

Scandinavian companies are commonly known for highly prioritizing an employees’ private life, which is driven by the philosophy that happy, healthy employees are the most productive and efficient ones. Scandinavian business culture runs on the idea that you’ll do a better job and feel more motivated as a co-worker if you are being valued as an individual.

Nordic countries are also known for acknowledging and valuing the importance of gender equality and enforcing relationships of trust and honesty at the work place.

Sweden is one of the world’s most innovative nations, which is much due to the fact that Swedes are early adopters of new technology and to the flat business organisation which creates a breeding ground for new ideas. Generations of innovativeness has led us to several life-changing inventions like the modern seatbelt, safety matches and the pacemaker. Some recent inventions include Spotify and Skype. Sweden is also the home for some of the gaming industry’s most recognized titles including Battlefield and Minecraft.


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Living and working in Sweden

Sweden is the third largest country in the EU, with major metropolitan centers such as the capital, Stockholm, as well as runners-up Malmö and Gothenburg. Sweden has a constitutional monarchy, although the royal family merely hold representative roles today. Instead, the country is ruled through a parliamentary democracy with a prime minister as the head of the government.
Sweden has grown to be a proud multi-cultural society, rich in diversity and with a flourishing business environment. Internationally, Sweden is often associated with progressive politics and generous social benefits. As well as IKEA, Zlatan Ibrahimović and ABBA of course.


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Family benefits

Sweden is a country known for highly prioritizing private aspects of life in its’ labor laws. There are a number of benefits such as receiving compensation for lost income when missing work in order to take care of a sick child. Parents are also together entitled to 480 days of paid leave per child. Further additions include monthly child support, parents’ right to work part-time as well as a father’s right to take ten days leave in connection to childbirth.


A great benefit of living in Sweden is the high quality and inexpensive public healthcare system, which ranks among the most beneficial in the world. It’s mainly government-funded and decentralized; although private health care also exists (the state actually pays for approximately 97% of medical costs).

Social insurance also offers several benefits related to sickness, disability, childbirth and retirement. Dental-and health care is free up until 18 years of age.


Core Values


  • We have the leading technical Competence within our areas of work
  • We enjoy our work and are Committed to do the outmost for our customers.
  • Our customers should feel that we are Responsive and proactive.
  • We act with great Professionalism in all aspects of our work.
  • Team-work is the basis for achieving great results for our customers.

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